Episode 37 – Worst Show Evar

JD discusses his opinions on the latest and greatest happenings in the world of SWTOR. In this episode he discusses how BW’s poor message has cost them almost two years later. I’m sorry for the poor quality and short show, blame it on the double xp high :x! All this and an idea fresh off the Wall of Crazy in this episode of the Unnamed SWTOR Podcast.

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One thought on “Episode 37 – Worst Show Evar

  1. Pretty sure free players do get access to GSF from the start, that was the whole point of the GSF for F2Pers launch patch, no? The passes are just to get the same amount of requisition as subscribers.

    Other than that I agree pretty much with all of what you said though, the game’s reputation will probably forever be haunted by certain people’s bad first impressions…

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