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20$ or Less Podcast Special Edition: Episode 20 – Top 20 Games Under 20 Bucks!

–News Topics– Summer Games Done Quick: ESL Plans to Crack Down on PED Use: KOTOR 2 Gets Big Update: Fallout Shelter Coming to Andriod with Update: Resident Evil 2 Remade in UE4: –Our Lists– JD 10. Super Meat Boy – 9. Spec Ops: The Line (This one is over […]

20$ or Less Podcast: Episode 18 – July 5th, 2015 (GotW: Her Story)

In this episode of the $20 or Less Podcast we discuss Warner Brothers’ epic failure regarding the PC release of Arkham Knight! This episode’s 20orLess game of the week is the interactive narrative interrogation experience: Fallout Shelter. –News Topics– Arkham Knight Has Problems on PC: Arkham Knight Pulled from PC: WB Knew About […]