$20 or Less Podcast Contest and Giveaway Rules

Updated: 7/27/2015

All giveaways and contests performed by $20 or Less are run with the following rules and regulations. The $20 or Less Podcast reserves the right to change these rules without warning, effective immediately for all contests beginning after the date of modification.

A)All contests and giveaways hosted by the $20 or Less podcast are run at the sole discretion of the podcast hosts. A host may revoke eligibility to any entrant who is found to be in violation of any contest rule, without notice, as determined by the host. The follow rules are causes for immediate revocation of an entrants’ eligibility:
1. One entry per person per contest or giveaway.
2. Entrants must disclose and may not in any way intentionally obfuscate previous $20 or Less contest entries or wins, such as, but not limited to, using multiple email addresses, using multiple Twitter accounts, using multiple Steam accounts or using multiple of any other online account associated with a contest.
3. Intentional exploitation of contest rules in a means not originally intended by the contest hosts is not allowed. Exploitative entries found to be against the spirit of a contest’s rules, but not explicitly against said rules, may be disallowed. Such entries shall be allowed to be modified to conform to the contest’s intent.

B)The follow rules are causes for a permanent revocation of an entrants’ eligibility:
1. Repeated violations of any rule listed in section A.
2. Attempting to defraud or deceive the contest hosts or any entrant of a contest hosted by $20 or Less.
3. Attempting to perform any illegal activity, in any way involving or directly related to a contest hosted by $20 or Less.
4. Harassment of any kind directly or indirectly related to a contest hosted by $20 or Less.

C)Entrants are solely responsible for following all local laws and regulations as required. The contest hosts are not liable for any legal ramifications resulting from improper or illegal contest or giveaway entries.

D)By entering a contest or giveaway hosted by $20 or Less the entrant agrees to follow all rules listed here as well as any rules specific to the individual contest in question. Questions related to giveaways or contests performed by $20 or Less shall be directed to 20orLesspodcast@gmail.com Contest disputes may be brought to the attention of hosts at 20orLesspodcast@gmail.com with a subject line that clearly identifies the contest in question and the word “Dispute.” Disputes shall be arbitrated by all contest hosts and require unanimous agreement to be upheld. If 20 or Less determines that a contest award has been improperly awarded, 20 or Less will award the prize to proper entrant. If said prize can not be award for any reason, a prize of equal value may be awarded in its place. Contest disputes do not affect odds of future contests or giveaways. Repeated contest disputes that are deemed frivolous, harassing or intentionally fraudulent fall under Section B.2 and B.4 and are grounds for permanent revocation of an entrants’ eligibility.

E)No purchase necessary for any contests or giveaways.

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