Unnamed SWTOR Podcast: Episode 21 – Live From New York

JD discusses his opinions on the latest and greatest happenings in the world of SWTOR. In this episode he reviews Dread Master Operations and discusses his ideas for the second anniversary of the game. All this and an idea fresh off the Wall of Crazy in this episode of the Unnamed SWTOR Podcast.

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2 thoughts on “Unnamed SWTOR Podcast: Episode 21 – Live From New York

  1. I like your show, but if you want to attract non-MMOers to the Galactic Starfighter expansion, throwing it at them from the get go, at level 1, and with no narrative anchor whatsoever, is most def. not the way to go.

    • In a 12v12 setting there will be a decent amount of downtime between queue pops. SWTOR gives them a unique opportunity between matches where they can play the “real” game while waiting for the next match. If you put some kind of level wall there you risk those players getting frustrated and not even getting to the thing they want. Lure them in with what they want to do and then hook them by giving them something to do while they wait.

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