Episode 29 – Patch 2.6 PTS Edition

JD discusses his opinions on the latest and greatest happenings in the world of SWTOR. In this episode he discusses the Patch 2.6 Public Test Server and reads off some viewer predictions for the coming year. All this and an idea fresh off the Wall of Crazy in this episode of the Unnamed SWTOR Podcast.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 29 – Patch 2.6 PTS Edition

  1. I know we are supposed to use twitter, but I hate twitter, so here goes. Flashpoints! I personally love flashpoints for the following reasons.

    1. More forgiving than operations on gear, alts, companions-for-players. I play DPS so me finding a group at times is hard for operations. With flashpoints, its a way for me and guildies/friends to get an “oddball” group together to just earn credits/commendations/gear. We can use companions instead of a player, and using commendations means I can usually gear out a companion well enough to function.

    2. Great way to try out/test/experiment with gear, specs/playstyles, in a slightly more challenging environment than “regular game play” but not in a “serious” environment like operations. People in flashpoints tend to be more forgiving and easy going.

    3. Just more content to cycle through and play. Especially for those who are not leveling through regular gameplay. Some people on level through ops, only level through pvp, only level through starfighter and space game, and flash points just offer ‘more of that’. Also a great way to change alignment more easily and earn commendations to gear out companions. Also some buy mods with the commendations to sell.

  2. I want the Voss too, even if it is wishful thinking. And I do like Flashpoints I just think they should drop the ultimate coms and even the 16m SM should not to force more into HM’s and give more reason to FP’s.

  3. I agree with Michael on several of his FP comments. Really great to have when you’ve got a few friends online, but not enough to do an Op. Also the Weekly right now for HM 55 FP’s is good for getting Ultimate Comms when that toon may not get as much chance in Ops. Every Tuesday me and 3 friends grind out the weekly on at least 1 toon. Makes it fun with a few drinks and teamspeak.

    However, I do hate PUG’ing FP. So it that respect I avoid them.

    Been listening to the podcast for a few months now. Keep it up.

    May the Cartel Coins Be With You!


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