Episode 33 – Technically Underwhelming

JD discusses his opinions on the latest and greatest happenings in the world of SWTOR. In this episode he discusses the Arizona Community Cantina Q&A, the incredibly underwhelming Producer’s Road-map and your opinions on the state of class balance. All this and an idea fresh off the Wall of Crazy in this episode of the Unnamed SWTOR Podcast.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 33 – Technically Underwhelming

  1. Hey Gaddock. I know you were disappointed with Producers Roadmap to 2014. Me personally it got me so ecstatic. I know its not the whole year but I never expected them to do the whole year but they teased enough of what’s to come after June, combined with the datamined info that hints at what’s to come 2.8 and beyond, is what’s keeping me hyped for this year.

    I don’t think we will see the RotHC style expansion in 2.8 because I highly doubt they will release an expansion of that size in a content patch 4 months from now without any announcement of it. I could be wrong, but I know they announced RotHC 6 months before it was released and teased before then in August. I do think we could possibly see the Galactic Starfighter Style expansion in 2.8 as well as one of the 2 flashpoints that was mentioned in the datamine (my credits is on the Manaan Flashpoint) and a new operation. My guess is we won’t find out about 2.8 until 2.7 is released.

    The new storyline that starts on Tython and Korriban is the most exciting thing I saw in the roadmap. I am very happy they are focusing the story back on the war with the Republic and the Empire. I give my prediction of the story content on reddit under the title “My Prediction for the Next Major Storyline (Minor Spoilers)” if you haven’t read it yet.

    • I could be wrong but I believe the expac was announced in January and Release in April so that would still give them time to announce something big, but who knows. It should be interesting to see none the less.

  2. While I don’t like the “technically challenging” excuse either, I do think your argument that “the game has been out for over two years, it should be easy by now” is backwards. If anything it makes sense that the bigger and more complex a game becomes, the more difficult it becomes to make changes to core features.

    Also, you mustn’t forget that they laid off a large chunk of staff when it turned out that the game wasn’t getting the millions of subs they had hoped for during its first year. Personally I suspect that a lot of those “technical challenges” come down to: “This was coded at launch by someone who left ages ago, so any changes to this system would require someone new to it to sift through the code for three months first and it’s just not worth our time.”

    • I didn’t say things should be easy by now, I am just pointing out that they should be easier now that they have 2+ years with the engine. There has been a lot of staff turnover, but there are still others who have been with the game since launch. We’re two years into the game and we’re no closer to getting things like dual spec or legacy banks; at this point difficulty is not an excuse. It’s fine if they don’t want to spend time working out the issues, but then they need to stop leading us on with stock, “technically challenging” answers because it’s not about the technical challenge it’s about the resource allocation.

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